Wallet Bureau 2.0 Bangalore

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Ever considered becoming an investor, but feel you need to know more before you dive into deep waters? Looking for other new ways to invest your money?

Join us at the Wallet Bureau, a curated networking experience for 50 HNIs to learn more about different investment routes, from seasoned Investors. There are NO FEES for attending, participating, and learning. The entry for this event is by invite or application only.

This is a chance to to explore new types of investments from these experts, ranging from Angel Investment, VC Funds, Investment Banking, Bitcoin, Investment in Art, etc. We will mention the topics that will be covered in this Wallet Bureau at a later point.

5 tables, one for each topic, with an expert on it. By the end you will learn a few invaluable lessons in determining what options are most suitable for you, how to evaluate them, start investing, and outline your exit strategy. Attendees will be divided into 5 groups, and have enough time on each table, followed by time for open networking with the experts and other attendees.

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