Enigmatech 3.0 Bangalore

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Join us at Enigmatech Bangalore for a chance to learn about how to scale up your company using technology from experts who have done so in the past. There are NO FEES for attending, participating, and learning. The entry for this event is by invite or application only.

The Enigmatech Series is a stimulating experience for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs to learn more about growing their businesses using technology. This series will provide participants with access to those who have successfully combated the difficulties of technology in start-ups and SMEs, through an engaging panel discussion and effective conversations. Filled with real life experiences, knowledge from experts, and opportunities for open conversations with them, Engimatech will answer your questions on how to scale up your company and stay ahead in the technological sphere.

Event Details
Date: 05/08/2017
Day: Saturday
City: Bangaluru
Location: Central Bangaluru (The exact location will be mentioned after confirmation)
Attendees: 50 heads from leading start-ups and SMEs

Please take 30 seconds to complete the simple Application Form, and we will get back to you shortly. We hope to see you at the event and that you gain immense value through it.

No fees, entry is by invite or application only
Manjusha Shetty: manjusha.shetty@noddapp.com / 7700999205
Gaurang Poddar: gaurang.poddar@noddapp.com / 9819236777

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